Guitars for Service Members

There is a great program that matches active duty Service Members with guitar builders here: The idea is that a lot of people serving our country would like to play an instrument in their time off away from their families. Right now I have 2 Ukuleles and 4 Cigar Box guitars in progress to […]

Picking the Right Strings

Truth is that guitar string manufacturers and guitar manufactures have been lying to us, the thing is really there is no good reason for it. Most prepackaged guitar string sets are all wrong because they are not optimized for the notes and scale lengths that they are intended for. The fact is that for every […]

Zero Frets

I’ve been playing with zero frets a bit lately and I’ve decided that I like them. So what is a zero fret? A zero fret is a fret in the position that a nut normally would be and the concept is that an open note will have the same character as a fretted note since […]