Tri Cone Ghettoshorty

This is a fun little 19″ scale instrument tuned GDGB at the moment but i may try it in 5ths GDAE like an octave mandolin.

Brian Romero made the cones, bridge and cover for this one and he really did a great job. Dan Sleep at Humidor Guitars did the fretboard, OLd Lowe tail piece, and that’s a Bob Harrison deco rail pickup.

The back is some of the great old growth mahogany from Pete Lynch, the top and neck are more common Honduran mahogany. I did a v profile on the neck and the action is pretty low and even on this one.







2 thoughts on “Tri Cone Ghettoshorty

    • Sure they are for sale. Every instrument is custom built and priced depending on the type of wood, electronics and other features. This one as pictured would be around $450, but this one is mine :)

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