The Corgi-uke

The Corgi-uke Like most out-there instrument builds, the corgi-uke halfway started as an idea but mostly as a joke, this particular lark played out on twitter. And so the idea for the corgi-uke was born… The problem was, I had already built close to 30 instruments in 2013 before September rolled around, and I was […]

Blondie the Resonator

Since very few people reading this are independently wealthy, including me, I try to keep my costs down. In order to that I try to buy some of my wood at Menard’s which is a big-box home improvement store that has a pretty good hardwood selection. However, having the right species of wood doesn’t mean […]

My new Valve Child Amp

I traded a ghettoshorty for this sweet little 6w all-tube amp from Valve Child. The mastermind behind this creation and Valve Child amps is Mark Carter. Mark re-purposes old tube tube radios and other audio goods into sweet amps and preamps that have real soul. This particular model features a 12ax7 preamp, a single el84 […]