My new Valve Child Amp

I traded a ghettoshorty for this sweet little 6w all-tube amp from Valve Child. The mastermind behind this creation and Valve Child amps is Mark Carter. Mark re-purposes old tube tube radios and other audio goods into sweet amps and preamps that have real soul.

This particular model features a 12ax7 preamp, a single el84 power tube, and 6v6 rectifier. Controls are gain, tone, and master volume with a switch on the back that bypasses the tone stack and adds more gain.

Clean this amp is spongy and thick, and despite me doing the video with a telecaster, it responds really well to my hollow-body my Aria 3002t. With the tone stack bypassed, it features a nice vintage crunch at very reasonable volumes.

if your looking for something unique with a great vintage vibe, drop Mark a line!