Monthly Archives: May 2013

Piezos and Preamps

I have been told that I’m pretty opinionated about a few things. One of those opinions is my almost universal disdain for the piezo disk as an instrument pickup. This is partially hypocritical, I’ve used them in the past, I’ll likely use them in the future, but I’m not typically pleased with the results. Most […]

Tri Cone Ghettoshorty

This is a fun little 19″ scale instrument tuned GDGB at the moment but i may try it in 5ths GDAE like an octave mandolin. Brian Romero made the cones, bridge and cover for this one and he really did a great job. Dan Sleep at Humidor Guitars did the fretboard, OLd Lowe tail piece, […]

Blondie the Resonator

Since very few people reading this are independently wealthy, including me, I try to keep my costs down. In order to that I try to buy some of my wood at Menard’s which is a big-box home improvement store that has a pretty good hardwood selection. However, having the right species of wood doesn’t mean […]

Trade and Barter

Times are tough, I get it. I also get that a guitar a never “needed”, They are wanted. I also have “wants” which always include musical instruments but also have to do with my other hobbies which include: Surf and SUP (want SUP) HiFi audio (marrantz/onkyo/emotiva/linn/vandersteen/etc) Photography (Sony/Minolta AF 10-20mm wanted) Motorcycles Bicycles (want adjustable […]