Going Pro (Again) motorcyle racing content

greg on xrI’m turning 40 this year and some days there seems to be some doubt as to my ability to walk when I reach 50. Yet a good friend of mine, Greg Hutcheson, is returning to professional motorcycle racing north of 50. Thanks to Wes Orloff at WFO racing, Greg has the use of a beautiful Harley Davidson xr1200 that he will be campaigning in the xr1200 AMA spec class this season.

Greg was a professional racer earlier in his life before a horrific crash at Daytona cut his dreams short. I think it’s an awesome testament to his love of racing that he has no come full circle. Needlesss to say, racing is super expensive. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a great of come back story, here’s your chance. the donate button below links to his racing effort.