Trade and Barter

Times are tough, I get it. I also get that a guitar a never “needed”, They are wanted. I also have “wants” which always include musical instruments but also have to do with my other hobbies which include:

  • Surf and SUP (want SUP)
  • HiFi audio (marrantz/onkyo/emotiva/linn/vandersteen/etc)
  • Photography (Sony/Minolta AF 10-20mm wanted)
  • Motorcycles
  • Bicycles (want adjustable fluid/mag trainer)
  • Jeep (JK platform. need new tires, want new wheels, light bar)

I’ll consider trades dollar for dollar, and I’m not opposed to kicking in cash for something that is a pending purchase for me anyway. If you’re local, I’m also in need of some landscaping help, as well as some remodel assistance.

Cash-free economy works if we both have something the other “wants”.