How to order a custom guitar

As a custom builder, I’m going to work with you to build something that is uniquely yours. I really derive a lot of my satisfaction from meeting a customer’s vision for thier unique creation. When you leave it up to me, I’ll build something great, but there’s that little tinge of loss that I feel.

First off, know what kind of instrument you want, that get’s us in the same ball park. But then let’s get the budget out of the way right way. I can do things to price point, and I’m good at it, but please don’t make me quote out the best of everything when you know your budget won’t accommodate it. Gimmie a target, we can always upgrade from there.

Next you’ll need to decide on a primary wood, generally maple or mahogany. If we’re building something special, we may pick out an accent wood that is highly figured. This can be anything from Spalted Maple to Curly Redwood. I love using great wood and work with some suppliers that can get some special things for not a huge ton of money. However, be aware that a nice set of matched wood can cost in excess of $100 by itself and can add significantly to the cost of your instrument.

Aside from wood, electronics are the second most costly component in a build. For example, a regular old gibson-branded humbucker can cost $120 by itself. I can get you an inexpensive import humbucker for $10, but that’s probably not what your looking for either. I’ll work with you to determine the sound your looking for and match that to an artisan builder like Randy Bretz, Ted Crocker, Bob Harrison, or Elmar Flatpup that will make some thing that will match the character and sound you’ve got in your head.

Finally, we’ll round out the hardware, bridge, tuners etc, to meet your budget and playing preferences. It may take an hour or two to get the details right, but it’ll be worth it. Build times run 6-8 weeks, i know that’s a long time, but this is a hobby business i do in my spare time and I price it accordingly. I do promise to keep you informed on the progress of your build on a very regular basis.